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11 January 2011 @ 05:32 pm
GODDAMN. I'm so glad this is done. This was quite the task. I'd initially kicked this off about a month ago but life just wasn't having it. Enter vacation and holiday plans and excessive activity that I would have loved to avoid but BLAMMO, I DID IT, IT'S DONE (consider this my half-assed explanation as to why a Best of 2010 mix is being posted in 2011). The tracks are in no specific order, it's simply a list of the 50 songs that I believe to be the best of the best of the past year. I'd like to think that the list is populated with a balance of Top 40 and...not Top 40, but who the fuck knows? I certainly don't. Just check it out.

I'm dedicating this to Michelle (itstragicreally). A late Christmas present, if you will. You deserve so much more but I hope that this will do. I LOVE YOU LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE.

Come and see!Collapse )
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08 November 2010 @ 04:03 pm
LOOK OUT. IT'S A FUCKING MIX. I've only recently finished The Hunger Games series and throughout the entire reading process Peeta/Katniss just SCREAMED angst mix. This shit was inevitable, really. Most of the songs here are songs that I listened to before, after, or during reading, so I suppose it's all a touch personal. This is only my second ~fandom related mix and I'm aware of how beloved this pair is, so be gentle.

Special thanks to fairchilds for the FANTASTIC cover art and for being such an awesome and supportive friend. LOVE HER, LOVE HER. AND HERE WE ARE BEHOLD

Now lead us not into temptation, but Eve is the apple of my eyeCollapse )
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